Our Commitment
Our Quality begins at the blue-print stage, includes the raw materials and ends at the customers site. Our stringent quality standards are driven by our integrity to deliver the best.

Our Capacity

Largest manufacturing equipment range in South Asia. We have identified Fiberglass as the material of the future and have invested heavily to manufacture the most complete range in Asia.

General Composites Pvt. Ltd. Fibr Tuf Composites
Advantages Of Fibr Tuf Composites
This incredible material has many advantages over conventional steel / aluminium.
Some of the main advantages are :
· Corrosion Resistant
- Long Life in harsh environment, zero maintainence
· High Strength - Can replace conventional materials
· Non-Conductive - Thermally energy saving
· Electrically Insulating - Very Safe as per IS 10192
· Electromagnetic Transparency - Excellent for Wireless Communication Technology
· Lightweight - Weighs 70% less than Steel, Ease in handling
· Easy to fabricate and install - Saves time
· Dimensional Stability - No additional stresses induced
· Fire Retardent - As per IS-6746 / ASTM E-84
· Weather Resistant - Suitable for outdoor - UV resistant
General Composites Pvt. Ltd. Stress Strain Curves
General Composites Pvt. Ltd., Specific Gravity