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FRP is a cost-effective material choice that is ideal for many types of construction. Fiber Reinforced Polymers (FRP) are widely used in the architectural industry because of their design flexibility, high strength-to-weight ratio, non-conductivity, low maintenance, affordability, UV resistance, and flame retardance.




  • Light Weight- reduces transportation costs, less need for heavy lifting on-site
  • Less Dead Weight-less structural material is required, reduces resource consumption
  • Long Lifespan-durability, resists environmental degradation
  • Resistance to corrosion, rot, mildew, mold, insects.
  • Environmentally Responsible Material Choice


frpindia-text FRP Components for Architecture:

  1. Structural profiles like Angles, Channels, I-Beams, Square & Round tubes
  2. Gratings
  3. Walkways
  4. Handrails
  5. Stairways
  6. Panels
  7. Building façade profiles
  8. Building fins






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