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Frangible Mast

General Composites offer a full range of frangiblefrpindia-text mast to support visual and non-visual aids near Airport runways. Frangible Masts are lightweight, yet rigid structures that break or yield on impact, to minimize damage and maximize safety, and thus protect property and life in the event of a runway incursion.



  • Frangible
  • Light weight
  • Strong as steel- withstands high wind pressures and Jet Blast
  • Self-Standing: No Guy Wires- less space requirement
  • Low Foundation Cost
  • Electromagnetic Transparent
  • All Weather Resistant
  • Easy and Quick to Install – Very easy to transport to Heights / Hilly regions
  • Looks Aesthetic and Elegant

General Composites manufactures a wide range of Pultruded Fibreglassfrpindia-text (FRP/GRP) Products for use in Corrosion Resistant Structural & Electrical applications. All the products are manufactured in accordance with:

  • ASTM D 4385 – 10
  • ASTM D 696 – 08
  • ASTM D 790 – 10
  • ASTM D 695 – 10
  • ASTM D 638 – 10
  • ASTM D 2344M – 13

Pultruded sections manufactured by GCPL can replace conventional applications of Steel, Wood, and Aluminium & Plastics. GCPL

UV resistant properties as per ASTM G 154 – 12, ASTM G 155 – 13.

Material is supplied in Polyester and can be supplied on special order basis in Vinyl ester, Phenolic, Polyurethane and epoxy.

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