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At General Composites we can create new products as well as assist you in making them. FRP is a cost-effective material choice that is ideal for many types of applications. Fiberglass ladder and ladder cage systems have been in use since the 1950’s in chemical plants and other corrosive environments. Even in complete immersion applications, fiberglass has outlasted aluminum and steel and required little or no maintenance. General composites offer various types of ladders as per EN131 standard.

The General Composite ladder and cage systems can be used in virtually every industry and in numerous applications.  Most often Ladders systems are designed for use as:

  • Wall Mount Ladders
  • Base/Floor Mount Ladders
  • Walk-Through Ladders with Return
  • Side Mount Cage
  • Walk-Through Cage with Return

General Composite’s ladders and ladder cage systems are produced using a premium grade polyester resin system with flame retardant and ultraviolet (UV) inhibitor additives. A vinyl ester resin system is available upon request for additional corrosion resistance. Standard side rails and cages are pigmented OSHA safety yellow. The rungs are a pultruded fiberglass polyester tube with a fluted, non-skid surface.



  • Corrosion resistance
  • Strong
  • Light weight
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to transport

GCPL manufactures a wide range of Pultruded Fiberglass frpindia-text (FRP/GRP) Products for use in Corrosion Resistant Structural & Electrical applications. All the products are manufactured in accordance with:

  • ASTM D 4385 – 10
  • ASTM D 696 – 08
  • ASTM D 790 – 10
  • ASTM D 695 – 10
  • ASTM D 638 – 10
  • ASTM D 2344M – 13

Pultruded sections manufactured by General Composites can replace conventional applications of Steel, Wood, and Aluminium & Plastics. GCPL

UV resistant properties as per ASTM G 154 – 12, ASTM G 155 – 13.

Material is supplied in Polyester and can be supplied on special order basis in Vinyl ester, Phenolic, Polyurethane and epoxy.

Wall supporing ladder are available in the following sizes.

Sr.No GCPL Code Ladder Size Price INR Buy now
1 GCPL LD WLSP P 1200 a 4 STEP (4′) 8000
2 GCPL LD WLSP P 1800 a 6 STEP (6′) 12000
3 GCPL LD WLSP P 2400 a 8 STEP (8′) 16000
4 GCPL LD WLSP P 3000 a 10 STEP (10′) 20000

Wall supporting extension type Ladders are available in the following sizes.

Sr.No GCPL Code Ladder Size Price INR Buy now
2 GCPL LD EXTN P 2400 a 8 STEP-13 STEP (13′) 32500
3 GCPL LD EXTN P 3000 a 10 STEP-17 STEP (17′) 42500

Self supporting ladders are available in follwing sizes.

Sr.No GCPL Code Ladder Size Price INR Buy now
1 GCPL LD SESP P 0600 a 2 STEP (2′) 6000
2 GCPL LD SESP P 1200 a 4 STEP (4′) 12000
3 GCPL LD SESP P 1800 a 6 STEP (6′) 18000
4 GCPL LD SESP P 2400 a 8 STEP (8′) 24000
5 GCPL LD SESP P 3000 a 10 STEP (10′) 30000
6 GCPL LD SESP P 3600 a 12 STEP (12′) 36000



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