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Extremely lightweight, strong, durable and virtually maintenance free – these bridges are ideal for areas where access is difficult. These bridges are very adaptable.  They can be supplied in kit form or fully assembled, amended for cycle or bridleway bridges and can be painted or left in natural state.

Ideal for installation in areas such as reservoirs, waterways or remote locations.


In addition to lighter weight, corrosion resistance, higher strength and lower life cycle costs, FRP technology offers faster installation. Prefabricated FRP panels can be installed quickly, compared to the labour intensive process of erecting formwork, placing rebar, pouring and curing concrete, and removing the formwork needed to construct a cast-in-place bridge. Eliminating the need for heavy equipment, FRP panels are generally placed starting at one abutment with light equipment such as an excavator.

frpindia-textFRP Components for Bridges:

  1. Structural profiles like Angles, Channels, I-Beams, Square & Round tubes
  2. Gratings
  3. Walkways
  4. Handrails
  5. Stairways
  6. Panels


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