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International demand for lighter ships with lower fuel consumption is on the rise. One possibility lies in the increased use of fiber-reinforced composite materials.

The transportation industry is increasingly reliant on composite materials. To achieve extraordinary advances, the transportation industry requires materials that are lighter, stronger, safer and more affordable than conventional materials. Engineers are pursuing these ideal parameters through increased precision in both design and manufacture to achieve greater uniformity and concomitant predictability in materials performance.

The benefit of using FRP in shipbuilding lies in the fact that the composite materials, when compared to steel, have a favorable strength-weight relationship.


It is thus possible to achieve significant weight reduction by using FRP for ship areas such as interiors, installations and insulation, decks, platforms, stairways, walkways, etc. Furthermore, FRP may also be used in sandwich constructions where FRP can be sandwiched between two different materials.


frpindia-textFRP Components for Shipbuilding:

  1. Structural profiles like Angles, Channels, I-Beams, Square & Round tubes
  2. Gratings
  3. Walkways
  4. Handrails
  5. Stairways
  6. Panels
  7. Decking system

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