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Durability and stability mean lower maintenance and a safer environment for all your telecommunication components. General Composites FRP cable trays, ladders, handrails, communication towers, and telecommunication components are non-corrosive, non-conductive, and won’t shrink or swell with exposure to the elements.


The composite materials meet stringent requirements even at aggressive operating conditions such as high temperature, pressure, moisture, corrosive environment or high stress.


frpindia-text FRP Components for Telecom Applications:

  1. Structural profiles like Angles, Channels, I-Beams, Square & Round tubes
  2. Telecom manhole covers
  3. Telecom towers



  • Corrosion Resistant – A perfect solution for any telecom structures exposed to the elements
  • Nonconductive – Won’t spark or conduct electricity
  • Lightweight – Makes fabrication easy and reduces transportation costs
  • Strong & Stable – Strong as steel, yet requires less maintenance, and won’t shrink, swell, or warp
  • Long-Lasting – Won’t show wear and tear due to heat, chemical elements, or moisture
  • Nonmagnetic – Safe around all electronic equipment
  • Easy to Install – Lightweight and can be installed using commercial tools
  • 100% Guaranteed Performance




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