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The transportation industry is increasingly reliant on composite materials. To achieve extraordinary advances, the transportation industry requires materials that are lighter, stronger, safer and more affordable than conventional materials. Engineers are pursuing these ideal parameters through increased precision in both design and manufacture to achieve greater uniformity and concomitant predictability in materials performance.



The composite materials meet stringent requirements even at aggressive operating conditions such as high temperature, pressure, moisture, corrosive environment or high stress. They are increasingly being used in the Transportation sector worldwide where the resulting performance improvements are significant.


Weight savings to the tune of 50% for structural and 75% for non-structural applications brings associated benefits of high-speed, reduced power consumption, lower inertia, less wear &  tear and the ability to carry greater pay-loads.


Transportation includes Roads, railways, airways, waterways, terminals like railway station, bus station and truck terminal. FRP can be effectively used to all these areas of transportation. All these applications are separately discussed in the “Applications” page.

frpindia-textFRP Components for Transportation:

  1. Structural profiles like Angles, Channels, I-Beams, Square & Round tubes
  2. Walkways
  3. Stairways
  4. Panels
  5. Decking system
  6. Any required shape



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